Monday, June 1, 2015

Say Hello to the Tall Poppies!

What happens when women work together? Amazing things. What happens when women authors work together? The Tall Poppy Writers!

I may make it look easy (er, maybe not?) but this writing gig is tough. With literally millions of other books to choose from, why would someone choose mine? How do I stand out from the crowd? How can I get some damn exposure?

The answer: scratch other authors' backs and they'll scratch yours.

Duh! Assuming that a reader reads more than one book in a lifetime, authors don't need to compete for readers. In fact, I personally love it when an author I follow (on social media, not in real life!) recommends another book. If they like it, I'm sure I'll like it too! It doesn't stop me from buying their next release, it just gives me something awesome to read in the meantime.

So get ready for some awesome book recommendations and giveaways, all courtesy of the lovely ladies at Tall Poppy Writers! I'm thrilled to be a part of their group, and you're going to be thrilled with all of their books.

Vicki Lesage, Author