Monday, November 2, 2015

8 Things to do Once the Kids Go to Bed

The other night Mika had to work late. He NEVER does that. Which means I'm NEVER alone with both kids on a busy weeknight. I had to pick them up from the creche/school and get them both home. Uphill, sweating, as Leo pointed out one motorcycle that was broken and EVERY MOTORCYCLE IN THE ENTIRE CITY OF PARIS that was not broken. There were a lot.

Then I had to cook them both dinner. Then give them both baths without them drowning. Then get them to bed without them screaming.

I realize a lot of parents fly solo all the time: single parents, parents with a spouse in the military, or parents with a spouse who works late or works a different shift. That's not me. I'm totally spoiled because I almost always have Mika by my side to help! He's awesome!

I was sure the evening would be a disaster because even regular evenings are tough. But the kids were angels! It was amazing! For a second I wondered if I'd picked up someone else's kids from the creche/school!

Then I had a little time to kill before Mika got home. What to do... Luckily I wrote an article about it on BLUNTmoms! Check out 8 Things To Do Once the Kids Go to Bed if you find yourself with a few surprisingly peaceful late-night moments.

Here's a taste:

4. Catch up on your email. Then get distracted by an article about leggings or vaccines or belly wraps, and blow through the rest of your free time without clearing a single email from your inbox.

Because, yeah, with all the things I could have done with my free evening, that's how I ended up spending it. Check out the full article for the other 7 ideas!

Article on BLUNTmoms