Sunday, January 5, 2014


Mika and Leo and I went for a leisurely Sunday stroll and stopped into Gare de Lyon for a coffee at Starbucks. I know there are a million cafés in Paris but there's something about the hustle and bustle of the train station that I like.

Plus I had to get the holiday latte before Starbucks took it off the menu.

Holiday latte at the train station

Mika and Leo sat on a bench while I waited in the long but quick-moving line. I could have pulled rank and pointed to my pregnant belly but I kept it hidden (well, as much as possible) under my coat. We weren't in a rush and I don't like to cut in front of other people, no matter how valid the excuse (and how raging my hormones).

Slowly but surely I reached the counter and placed my order. The friendly employees ran the operation like a well-oiled machine. I guess you have to be efficient if you work at a coffee stop in a busy train station, but in France that's no guarantee.

Then clear out of the blue, this bitch cuts in front of me, literally bumping the credit card out of my hand as I was about to pay.

"I'll have an espresso and..." she started.

Um, what? Who did she think she was?

"Excuse me, ma'am, but you'll need to get in line," the Starbucks employee said, indicating the line that was now snaking around the station.

"But I have a train to catch!" the lady wailed.

"Ma'am, we're in a train station. Everyone has a train to catch." Touché!

Typical Parisian, not respecting the lines

Actually, I didn't have a train to catch but I was probably the only one. It's not this lady's God-given right to have coffee for the train ride.

And props to the cashier for holding her ground while remaining polite. It's a rare sight in Paris.

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