Monday, February 9, 2015

What makes Paris so naughty?

Heather Stimmler-Hall
Still smiling! And holding a book!
Several years ago, I met Heather Stimmler-Hall at a fundraiser for SOS Help. She was smiling, standing behind a table with a pile of her books, Naughty Paris: A Lady's Guide to the Sexy City. Um, yes please!

The autographed copy holds a treasured spot on my bookcase, as most of my new book purchases are ebooks. I admit, though, that in recent years the most I've done is flip through the pages of Naughty Paris, admiring the pictures and dreaming about getting out of the house.

Because, in case you don't follow my blog religiously (sniff), I've been busy being pregant and having babies the past few years. I hardly have time to brush my teeth, let alone treat myself to everything this glorious city has to offer.

But you know what? It's about time I did. I only have 5 vacation days left until June, but assuming I don't use them all for strikes at the crèche or sick days for the kids, I think I might just take a day all for myself. (Side note: the Americans reading this are wondering what I'm complaining about and the French are crying over the pathetically small number of vacation days I have left.)

So, lucky for me, the lovely Heather has just released a new version of her book, updated with even more wonderful things to do in the City of Light. And even luckier for me, I have Heather here with me today to answer a few questions.

As a former-party-girl-turned-mom, I'm dying for a little me-time. Of all the naughty, fun, and decadent ideas in the book, which do you think I should do first?

A burlesque or striptease class! Learning a few sexy, new moves in the company of fun, laid-back women of all ages, shapes and abilities is the perfect way to get in the mood for a little naughtiness. Plus it gives you an excuse to buy some flirty new accessories! Confession time: when was the last time you put on a pair of stilettos, Vicki? ;-)

Busted! I haven't worn stilletos since my wedding. And my feet are still aching. So, OK, a burlesque or striptease class it is! With guide books, I know it's important to have the latest version. While I'll always hold on to my autographed copy of your book, I know I need to take the plunge and pick up the updated version. What new stuff can readers expect to find?

Aside from the opening chapter explaining the city's naughty history and the characteristics of Parisian men and women in and out of the bedroom, almost everything had to be updated and re-written because shops close, new restaurants and bars open, and exciting new shows come to town. The burlesque section is completely new, since there was no noticeable
burlesque scene in Paris when I published the first edition in 2008. Now there are regular performances and classes by stars such as the flamboyant Juliette Dragon and the retro pin-up queen Sugar Da Moore.

I've also re-arranged the shopping section by neighborhood to make it easier to shop without needing GPS, and have interviews with experts like Forest from 52 Martinis for the bars section and perfume writer Denyse Beaulieu for the perfume section. Needless to say, I got a bit carried away...the new edition is 60 pages longer!

Can't wait to check it out! And lastly, a favorite interview question of mine*: If Naughty Paris were a drink, what would it be?

Hmmmm....sounds like one of my ideas hatched under the influence, lol! I think Naughty Paris would be the sexy-yet-respectable French 75, a Champagne cocktail with a splash of gin, lemon and sugar over ice (unless you want to be a little cheeky, then replace the gin with Cognac).

I'm keeping it short and sweet because it's only a matter of time before one of my adorable rugrats needs me, but thanks for answering these questions! I'm looking forward to picking up a copy of the new book and I'm sure my readers are too!

* Note: I actually got this interview question from Heather when we were talking about another project, and it's become my go-to question because I just love the creativity and diversity in the response. Also, I love drinks.


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