Thursday, December 10, 2015

What to Give Santa? What About This Tasty Cocktail...

This month, Bon Bon Break has a lovely theme: Giving. Their posts range from funny to heartwarming, from interesting reads to helpful tips. And the theme is sponsored by Water Aid, an incredibly worthy cause. (Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.)

So why am I yakking on about it? Well, besides being a big fan of Bon Bon Break AND charitable causes, I also wanted to share a post I wrote for the theme. Here's a teaser:

With two young children in my house, there’s a lot of focus on what Santa is going to give them. But what about what we are going to give Jolly Ol’ St. Nick? My kids better be careful or they’ll end up with lumps of coal in their stockings. And last I checked, that wasn’t anywhere on their lengthy wish lists.

Christmas Cookie Cocktail

Read on for the rest of the story and the recipe!