Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The New Maison

We've been in the US for a few months now, and in our new house for a few weeks. The kids (and honestly, me too) still call it "the new house" even though now it's really just "the house." I guess we're all still so excited!

So here are some pictures of our new abode:

OK, I *might* have Photoshopped the grass a bit to make it just a smidge greener. But I swear this is what it's gonna look like by the time I'm done with it! I also might have Photoshopped our two fallen shingles back into place. If only the actual fix were that easy...

When we moved to the US I was so excited to have a bigger kitchen where I couldn't open the fridge from my seat at the table. Yet, somehow, even with a large kitchen like this, I can still open the fridge (you can see a smidgen of it in the lower left corner of the photo) from my seat (at the end of the breakfast bar).

Our highly sensitive ovens (that set off the smoke detector nearly every time we use them) and our American-sized fridge. And a whole counter for charging our phones and iPads.

View of the backyard from our kitchen. We will eventually move the kids' playhouse to the yard, but at least we can keep a close eye on those troublemakers from here.

Leo settled into the new living room immediately and taught me how to use the remote controls.

This is our "pub." It's for playing games, having a few drinks, and enjoying a nice fire in the fireplace (after we learn how to do that. Build a fire, that is. I definitely know how to drink and play games.)

We originally planned to use the dining room as a place we actually eat. Now it's where we hang our coats and set out our stuff for the next day. Because, yeah, you totally need a whole room for that.

Our master bedroom is, no kidding, the size of our old apartment (if you count the bathroom and walk-in closet, which of course I do). However, despite all the space, my 6'4" husband still didn't want a king-size bed. Which is good since this one barely fit up the stairs.

The kids like to run circles around all this space. Me too.

Look! The sink is in the same room as the toilet! And both are in the same room as the shower! And everything is white and fresh!

Another angle of the bedroom. If you'd like some of that artwork for your own house, I can ask the kids if they're currently accepting commissions.

Despite having three rooms to choose from, the kids both chose to share this one. "We want our beds RIGHTNEXTTOEACHOTHER, just like at Grandma's house and in Paris."

This room will eventually be Stella's bedroom but for right now it just holds all the kids' clothes.

Come visit us! The guest bedroom is all set up and waiting for you.

The kids now have their own bathroom, which might just be the best part about this whole thing.

At the top of the stairs is a loft, which we are using as a playroom. From this angle it looks sparse. But just you wait.

It's jam-packed (but well-organized) with loads of toys. We sold, donated, recycled, or trashed most of our stuff in Paris, but paid big money to ship all the kids' stuff. We wanted them to feel at home right away. They do.

I probably don't need all these photos of the same room, I just really like it!

OK, last one. Hope you enjoyed!