Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pompiers and Panic Attacks

Never a dull moment around here. Last night after Leo's bath, his teeth started chattering, he was slightly shaky, and I thought I detected a bluish hue to his skin. He also seemed a bit short of breath, and since he has asthma and the pollution level in Paris has been higher than normal lately, I was understandably worried.

One of the finer things about life in Paris: France's pompiers in uniform
France's pompiers in uniform
But the clincher was when he hugged me and wouldn't let go. My son loves me but he's more of a banging-pots-and-pans kind of guy than a cuddler. So Mika called emergency and they immediately sent 3 gorgeous pompiers (firemen/paramedics) over.

France, I love you. First, that they sent people so quickly when it was probably just worried parents freaking out (good thing Mika said "our son is short of breath" when he called instead of "he gave his mom a hug" or they wouldn't have taken us seriously). Second, how are they all attractive? It's just like the sage femmes (midwives) at the hospital. They're all gorgeous.

So they came in with their uniforms (oh my) and proceeded to check Leo out in the bedroom while I was stuck on the stupid couch (bed rest sucks when you want to see pompiers in action)!

But fear not, I got my share of the action, too. I started having a mild panic attack: my heart was racing, I was short of breath, and I felt dizzy. So one of the pompiers came in and checked me out. He said I was fine, I just needed to take it easy. Well, that's kind of hard to do when I'm worried about my son and I'm stuck on the couch and can't do anything.

Proof my son is back in good health - he's banging pots and pans as usual
Back to banging pots and pans this morning
They said Leo had to go to the ER for an official check-up, even though they didn't think it was anything serious. So Mika wrapped Leo in a blanket (my classy son left the house with no pants on because he's cool like that) and I waved to them from the window. Leo loved it because he got to ride in the ambulance with flashing lights. We actually live across from a hospital and he sees ambulances with flashing lights all the time, so he thought it was extra cool to finally get to ride in one.

All said and done, my boys were home 4.5 hours from the time Mika had called the pompiers. I guess that's really not too bad when you think about it, though it was WAY past someone's bedtime (mine).

Anyway, thank you France for such great care. And attractive people. Hubby definitely needs to be a pompier for Halloween. Stay tuned.

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