Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4 Episode 13: "Alone"

The Walking Dead Recap and Review: Season 4 Episode 13
I love Paris and I love zombies. If you like at least one, you've come to the right place. Here's this week's recap and review of The Walking Dead, "Alone", Season 4 Episode 13.

We start out with a flashback of Bob before he met up with our group, though I admit I was a little confused and thought it was present day. When Daryl and Glenn stumbled across him and asked their three questions (remember those?) I was like "Whaaaa? Ohhhhhh. Flashback." Anyway, I think the point we're supposed to take from this flashback is that Bob didn't like being ALONE, even though he was actually quite good at surviving.

Back in the present day, he and Maggie and Sasha are still trudging on to find Glenn (and to go to the sanctuary ominously named Terminus). There's a cool zombie fight scene in the fog where they only barely get out alive, which is enough to make Sasha decide she doesn't want to keep doing this. She says it would be better to stay put in a town and build a life there. But Psychoanalyst Bob thinks that she's just afraid of getting to Ominous and not finding Tyrese there.

Stubborn Maggie makes it easy for them by leaving the next morning before they wake up. I thought we learned the buddy system by now? Geez. I-Never-Want-To-Be-Alone-Again Bob tries to get Sasha to go with him to follow Maggie, even kissing her (I fist-pumped a few times and Hubby looked over at me, confused, then looked at my computer screen and was like "Ah, I get it") but it wasn't enough to convince her to come. So then Bob GOES OFF ALONE to find Maggie so that he won't BE ALONE even though he wasn't ALONE when he was with Sasha. Silly guy.

Much as I want to hate Maggie for being stubborn and stupid, she does three things that remind me how awesome she is and why I like her:
1) She kills a walker and uses its blood to leave a message for Glenn, in case he's heading to Ominous as well. Communication: It's not just for the pre-apocalyptic world!

2) She realizes she should really stick with Bob and Sasha because three is better than one (so maybe she can hear me shouting through the TV?) and stops at a town along the tracks to wait for them to catch up, knowing that Sasha wanted to stop at the next town.

3) In said town, she does some major zombie ass-whooping with a "No Parking" sign. When she picked it up I was like "Oh, that's good. She can't knock a zombie down with it, buying her time to get a better weapon to stab its brains out." But then she one-upped me and used it to SLICE ZOMBIE HEADS like she was on Top Chef: Zombie Edition. Bad ass! Why didn't I think of that?

Sasha fights some zombies too, because she's also bad ass, and then she's all "Wah, wah, Bob is right, we need to go to Ominus and I need to stop being a wussy about finding out the truth about Tyrese." So they catch up to Bob on the tracks and he's all happy he's not ALONE anymore (though I repeat, he wouldn't have been ALONE if he didn't leave ON HIS OWN).

Sounds like a full episode, right? But I haven't told you about Beth and Daryl yet!

Daryl is teaching Beth how to track and use a crossbow, but then she gets her foot stuck in a trap, which requires Daryl to carry her and make us wonder if something more physical than that is going to happen between those two. I get my fist ready for some air-pumping, just in case.

They come upon a funeral home that is stocked with a "white trash brunch" - peanut butter and jelly, Coke, and pig's feet - and they notice the place is pretty well-kept for something in the ZA. They just chalk it up to someone who is out but will be back, so they stupidly let their guard down. I'm not sure why Daryl wasn't more suspicious.

They stay the night and set up a barrier of rope with hubcaps and cans so they can hear walkers or people coming. They're startled at a noise but it turns out it's just a dog. Weird. I wonder how he got there. And where's his owner?

Then they hear the noise again and Daryl has apparently lost all his brain cells at this point because he just opens the door instead of checking first to see if it's still the dog. Nope, it's a horde of zombies instead! He tells Beth to run (so, limp, since her ankle is still messed up) while he fights off the zombies.

In his third stupid move of the episode, he lets all the zombies in and then tries to take them out one by one, even though he had the door pinned mostly closed with just a few zombie arms sticking through. Couldn't he have just stabbed the zombie arms and then closed the door and then gone back to eating pig's feet?

So they come streaming in the funeral home and he leads them downstairs and manages to fight them all off (that part was pretty cool, I admit)  then run back upstairs and outside, only to see Beth's backpack on the ground and a car speeding away. Who's car is that? Why did they take Beth? Did Daryl grab any pig's feet for the road?

Daryl is a great tracker but he's no match for a car. So he wanders along the road, dejected. Just when Beth had given him hope that there good people in the world, she got herself kidnapped and Daryl once again blames himself for someone else's demise. He sits down in the middle of the road and has a little pout, and then our good friends, the bad guys from the house with Rick a few episodes ago, show up. Oh great. Exactly the kind of people I wish would just be extinct by now.

Daryl is outnumbered so he goes with the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" plan, but I'm hoping it's just a self-preservation technique until he can escape and find Beth. His hair is dirty enough as it is - he really doesn't need to hang around with these good-for-nothin' greaseballs.

Will our scattered groups finally reach Ominous next week? Will Beth escape her captor by singing songs? Will Bob and Sasha have a Major Makeout Session? Stay tuned for next week!