Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Who do you wish would come for Christmas dinner?

Christmas is almost here! Leo keeps singing "Petit Papa Noel," the song you sing in France right before Santa comes. Except he doesn't know the words so he just keeps repeating the same line. Eleventy billion times. So cute! *bangs head against wall*

For me Christmas is all about being with family. And a little bit about food and a tiny bit about the yoga pants I know my mom shipped me from the US. But mostly about family. Which is why I'm a little sniffly this holiday season, since my grandma is no longer with us.

I wrote this piece on BLUNTmoms in her honor, so please check it out: I Wish She Would Come For Christmas Dinner. And feel free to leave a comment about who YOU wish would come for Christmas (or Hannukah or Festivus) dinner.

Article on BLUNTmoms