Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Halloween isn't as big of a deal in France as I want it to be. You can usually find a decent bar party (particularly at the English-speaking bars) but you'll rarely see trick-or-treaters.

Up until this year, it made me sad for French kids but only long enough for me to shake up my first batch of Bloody Mary's and get my own party started. Now that I've got a little monster of my own, though, I wanted trick-or-treaters!

Fortunately the new building we just moved to has lot of kids (that may not be fortunate for ALL the residents in the building...) and someone thoughtfully posted a sign saying to prepare for trick-or-treaters.

You don't have to tell me twice!

I printed off signs and whipped up some janky homemade decorations. Then I headed to the grocery store and bought $50 worth of candy. I bought crappy candy that French kids like and then some really good stuff, like Twix and Kit Kats. I mixed up the bowls with most of the crap (but remember, they like all those fruity gummy things) on top and my delicious stuff on the bottom. Hey, mama needs her sugar fix, too.

My son, Leo, is only 14 months old so instead of trick-or-treating, we dressed him up and let him hand out candy. Or rather, smile while small kids with ginormous hands took swipes at the bowl. The first round of trick-or-treaters nearly cleaned us out! I feared I might not have the three bags of Kit Kats left that I'd been planning on.

Trick-or-treating isn't common yet in France, but my two Supermen still tried!

But as the night wore on, only two more groups of trick-or-treaters came by, so I was able to settle on the couch with a nice, big bowl of calories all to myself.

Happy Halloween!

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