Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Naming Characters

One of the funnest parts of writing is picking your characters' names! As a memoir writer I'm somewhat limited in this because my stories are true. However, you're allowed to change the occasional name, so I've had a little freedom with it. Or I sometimes use descriptive nicknames, like Sage-Femme Bitchface.

Behind the Scenes: Naming Characters recently featured an article of mine about naming characters. Be sure to check out the full piece (with all my insightful explanations, ha), but here are some highlights:

1. Vary your characters' names so they don't confuse your readers.

2. Take your characters' ethnicity into account.

3. Factor in your genre.

4. If writing a memoir, you might want to change some names to protect the (not-so) innocent.

What tips do you have for naming characters? What are your favorite characters' names? And has anyone named their child after one of your characters? I may not have invented Khaleesi or Arya, but I'm pretty sure we'll see Sage-Femme Bitchface topping the baby name charts any day now...

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