Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Paris Valentine

I write about the ups and downs of Paris, which includes plenty of rants about long lines and annoying government workers. But I have to admit there are some pretty nice ups. While not a huge fan of Valentine's Day (my French husband treats every day like Valentine's Day, and yes, you have my permission to slap me now), you have to admit that Paris and Valentine's Day are a sweet combination.

So I've compiled a Paris-themed Valentine Gift Guide for that special someone you're shopping for - friend, lover, or lover of Paris: A Paris Valentine
A Paris Valentine: gifts for the Paris lover on your list
A Paris Valentine: gifts for the Paris lover on your list

1. Paris Love Card, $4.50
To love someone more than Paris is to love them more than cheese, wine, and croissants. If you love someone that much, hold on to them forever!

2. Paris Print, $14
I love the color and font of this piece - they just pop! And of course the message is sweet. Since I live in Paris I guess it wouldn't actually mean as much to my husband; "You love me from here to here? That's not very much." But for all my non-Parisian dwelling friends, this would be a very sweet gift.

3. Laduree Gift Box, $25
Laduree is a must-do when visiting Paris. Though I'm the one person on the planet who's not fond of macarons, I still like the shop. The decor and all their other offerings are just wonderful. And how classy is their packaging? The box would be perfect for storing jewelry or all the beautiful Parisian scarves you picked up on your last visit.

4. Confessions of a Paris Party Girl, $15
OK, I know it's a bit gauche to put my own book in my gift guide but I really do think it would make a great Valentine's gift! It's funny (hello, it's ME who wrote it) but it also has a sweet Parisian-themed love story. If you love Paris and you love love, you'll love this book.

5. Parisian-decorated Cookies, $17
Splurge on these or make your own. Either way, your Valentine will feel like they're in Paris!

Happy Valentine's Day from Paris to all the Paris lovers out there!

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