Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Zombie Valentine

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Need a gift for your zombie-obsessed lover? Or looking to make an Anti-Valentine's Day statement by giving a gory gift? I hear ya. That's why I've curated a special gift guide just for you: A Zombie Valentine.

A Zombie Valentine, for that perfect gift (besides brains)
A Zombie Valentine, for that perfect gift (besides brains)

1. Zombie Love Card, $4.50
Be mine? Puh-lease. Heard it before. But a card that declares your undying love for me even after the undead rule the world? I can bite into that.

2. Zombie Love Coffee Mug, $20
One of the things I'm going to miss most in the Zombie Apocalypse is coffee. I mean, sure, I'll scavenge and will drink stale coffee, no problem. But I don't know how to make coffee without my automatic coffee pot, complete with timer, so that the magical brew gets going before my alarm even goes off and I wake to the smell of caffeinated heaven. (*Scribbles note to self: Learn how to make coffee without use of electricty or the apocalypse is going to be unbearable.*) Where were we? Oh yes, I plan to share my morning cup of post-apocalyptic joe with my hubby in this adorable mug. Good plan.

3. Daryl Dixon Valentine Card, $4
Single on Valentine's Day? So's Daryl Dixon! Give those biceps a squeeze and team up with your post-apocalyptic knight in shining armor, also known as Pookie. Swoon.

4. Zombie Apocalypse Buddy Rings, $30 for a pair
Don't go it alone! Who's your buddy for the ZA? Whether it's a friend or your valentine, your bond is the strongest - not even brain-eating zombies can break it. Show it off with pride with these hand-stamped rings.

5. Zombie repellent soap, $8
Lighting a few candles, filling the tub with bubble bath, and sudsing down your valentine in zombie-repellent soap - have you ever heard of anything more romantic?

From my beating heart to yours, I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. That is, until a zombie comes and rips that heart out. Hey, they can't help it.

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Vicki Lesage, Author