Thursday, February 6, 2014

Be Honest: Does This Look Like a Turd?

My first Goodreads giveaway was a success! Nearly 900 people entered and 400 people added it to their to-read list. Woot woot!

I prepared a handwritten note for the winner, thanking them for entering, and then stumbled across my nifty wax and seal set. That would make it extra special, right?

Except this is me we're talking about so wax started dripping all over the place, then the whole darn stick got stuck to the envelope, so I had to gently pry it off, then try to reheat it enough to mark it with my seal, resulting in this burnt turd:

Turd or awesome, you decide

So... is the seal worthy of the Iron Throne or should I have chucked it and started over? Answer: too late, already mailed that sucker.

Oh, and in case anyone was worried I'm not taking bedrest seriously, I was seated the whole time I was trying to burn my house down. And just to be extra safe, I'll let Hubby put everything away when he gets home. Best. Wife. Ever.

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