Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4 Episode 11: "Claimed"

The Walking Dead Recap and Review: Season 4 Episode 11
I love Paris and I love zombies. If you like at least one, you've come to the right place. Here's this week's recap and review of The Walking Dead, "Claimed", Season 4 Episode 11.

We're back with the happy Grimes family: Rick, Turdface (Carl), and Michonne. Michonne and Turdface go out scavenging, while Rick reluctantly stays back at the house. The thing about this show is that you just know something as seemingly simple as this is going to go all sorts of wrong.

Michonne and Turdface come across a house where the entire family offed themselves in the nursery. A nursery that doesn't seem to have the proper amount of exits to be safe for a child, but I suppose that was due more to a dramatic staging choice by the directors. I'm telling myself there was another door in the room (maybe I missed it while I was shielding my face from the decaying bodies on the bed) or else I'll have a claustrophobia attack. Anyway, the purpose of this portion of the episode was to give us a little backstory on Michonne (though we already knew she had a toddler), give her a chance to bond with Turdface, and give Turdface a chance to grieve over Judith, who he doesn't know is alive. Not a bad idea to grieve, though, because if Lizzie hangs out with Judith for much longer, Carl might not ever see Judith alive again anyway. I shudder just thinking about creepy Lizzie, and she wasn't even in this episode.

Meanwhile Rick is playing the scariest game of hide-and-seek ever. I see the writers didn't listen to my request last week that survivors of the apocalypse stop in-fighting. Because just as my sweet post-coma Rick is about to relax with a good book, some d-bags arrive on the scene and start wreaking havoc. We know they're d-bags because they find Michonne's shirt drying in the bathroom (indicating a woman was recently there and planning to return) and talk about who's going to get her first when she comes back. And I don't think they're looking for friendly conversation.

Then Anonymous D-bag A tries to take a nap on the bed Rick is hiding under but Anonymous D-bag B comes in the room and knocks him unconscious so he can take a nap. See? D-bags. There are several other beds in this house, as well as sofas. Did he really need to almost kill this guy just to catch a little shut-eye? Seems like fighting to near-death is the opposite of a good idea if you're tired. Then again, my 18-month-old son will kick and scream and bang on everything rather than go to bed, but as soon as you put him in bed he's out. So I guess what I'm trying to say is these D-bags act like very strong toddlers.

Rick escapes by climbing out a bathroom window, but not before killing a d-bag who was using the toilet. I know I said I wished people would stop killing people, but it seems that getting rid of one of these bad guys is probably good for the long-term survival of the species so I'll let it slide.

Rick manages to spot Michonne and Turdface before they get back to the house, and they all run off. Whew! They end up on the train tracks and head to Terminus, which is where Beth, Daryl, Tyrese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith were all headed to last time we saw them. Maybe Maggie and Sasha and Bob will end up there, too? I kinda forget where they ended up last episode because I was so mad at Maggie for being such a stubborn stupidpants.

Speaking of stubborn stupidpants, Glenn refuses to go along with our three new characters and instead wants to return solo to find Maggie. Here are all the reasons this is dumb:

  1. Dude, no going anywhere alone. How have you survived this long without learning that?
  2. They were already 3 hours away BY TRUCK from the school bus. I'm not sure how fast the truck was going but I'd say they could easily be 200 miles away. Then their truck got shot up during a zombie attack so now they have to walk back. Doing some quick math, I think it's going to take them several days to walk back, and that's only if they walk all day and don't get killed by zombies.
  3. Our new characters seem interesting and haven't killed any people yet (on screen). And they were on their way to Washington, DC to SAVE THE WORLD. I like Maggie and all but these people sound way more interesting. Why can't we just stay with them?

Oh, but Glenn gets to have his post-apocalyptic cake and eat it too because not only does he head back to find Maggie but all the new people (plus Tara) come with him, since they don't have anywhere better to go without their truck. Lucky!

Will everyone meet up next week? Will Glenn and Maggie continue to be the most stubborn people on the planet? Could my 18-month-old take on a group of d-bags? Stay tuned to find out!