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The Harry Potter Cheese Conversion Chart

"He's amazing," my husband, Mika, said. "I love how passionate he is."

He was on the phone to his mom so I wasn't privy to the other end of the conversation, but his praise for some unknown man piqued my interest.

"You'll get to meet him Saturday. You're going to love him. OK, gotta run. Catch you later, Mom."

"Who were you talking about?" I said to Mika after he hung up the phone. I highly doubted my French husband was cheating on me with a man, and then subsequently telling his mom about it. But I was still curious. "Your boyfriend?"

"Huh? Oh, no. The cheese guy at the grocery store."

"You must really love him. You were getting pretty excited just talking about him."

"He's great! He gives samples, he presents his new selections, and he really gets in there and explains the different cheeses."

"No wonder it takes you so long at the store." Not that I should complain - how many husbands handle all the grocery shopping while their wife lazes around on the couch? He even did that before I was stuck on bed rest.

"You laugh, but I noticed you polished off that pesto gouda from last week, no problem."

"True. You can date the cheese guy as long as you keep bringing home that delicious cheese."

"Oh, I will."

It's pretty cool having a husband with a sense of humor, and one who brings me copious amounts of cheese at that. So when I told him my idea for this blog post, which literally came to me in a dream last night, he thought it was brilliant. I can't tell if it's weird or awesome, but since I can't seem to get cheese off the brain, I went with it. Enjoy :)

Harry Potter Cheese Conversion Chart

Select your favorite Harry Potter character to see which cheese suits you best
Select your favorite cheese to discover which Harry Potter character you are!

Harry Potter Cheese Conversion Chart

For the true Harry Potter and/or cheese buff, here's a little more explanation behind the pairings:

Harry Potter = Mozzarella
Known and loved by everyone, Mozzarella is a household name and a worldwide fave.

Ron Weasley = Feta
Versatile and slightly sour, it finishes with a hint of sweetness. Much like his love for Hermione.

Hermione Granger = Cheddar
Sharp and likeable. (And my favorite character and my favorite cheese, not that I influenced the results or anything)

Draco Malfoy = Cream Cheese
Wimpy and easy to manipulate, may think it's tough but can easily be controlled.

The Weasley Twins = Easy Cheese
Inventive and original, loved by many even if it's a little embarrassing to admit.

Luna Lovegood = Gruyère
Starts out nutty but with maturity becomes more assertive, complex, and earthy.

Fleur Delacourt = Brie
Delicate and one of the finer products of France.

Albus Dumbledore = Stilton
Strong and aged.

Professor Snape = Roquefort
Stinky and dwells in caves/dark places.

Hagrid = Camembert
Don't let the gritty exterior fool you, this one's all gooey on the inside.

Professor Trelawny = String Cheese
A little loopy, but good nonetheless.

Voldemort = Tomme de Pyrénées
The black outer shell turns a lot of people off, but when young, it's quite good.

Which cheese/Harry Potter character are you? And which ones would you add?

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