Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oh La La... Compression Stockings

Vicki Lesage: I'm published by Mamalode
Mamalode, an awesome site for moms, is featuring my article for their June theme: "Feats and Feets"

The theme sounds a bit unusual, which was what attracted me to it. How do you write an article about feats and feet? Feats, OK. But feet? Who has anything to say about feet?

Clearly I do.

Also, in case you haven't noticed, I like to talk about my time on bed rest. A lot. I'm the real life version of Michelle from American Pie: "That one time, at band camp..." Somehow I manage to relate everything to bed rest. Have I bored everyone yet?

No? Good. So check out my article about surviving bed rest and the role my sexy compression socks played in the adventure!

Please leave a comment on the Mamalode article, share it, print it out and frame it--however you choose to spread the love!

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