Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paris A-Z: H is for Haussmann Architecture

Paris A to Z: H is for Haussmann Architecture

The Sassy Guide to the City of Light

As an American living in Paris for nearly 9 years, I have plenty of words of wisdom to share about this glorious, yet sometimes frustrating, city. Each weekday this month I will share my thoughts on some of the best stuff to do in Paris. Today's letter, H, is for Haussman Architecture.

Strolling through the streets of Paris, you'll notice most of the buildings have the same look and feel to them. It's one of Paris's greatest charms. Certain streets have a unique feel, and yes, I like those too, but I just love that you can be walking in various parts of town and it still feels like Paris.

That's due mainly to the Haussmann style of architecture, implemented from 1853-1870 (though some of his projects continued even after Napoleon III fired him 1870). Monsieur Haussmann essentially renovated the entire city, from infrastructure like sewers and aqueducts to aesthetically pleasing aspects like housing and parks.

We can also thank him for some of the wide avenues that traverse the city nowadays. I love the quaint winding side streets - don't get me wrong - but Haussmann's renovations were necessary at a time when the city was plagued with disease, overcrowding, and crime. By opening up parts of the city, he improved the flow and made the city less dangerous.

Today when you tour Paris, you can enjoy the results of his work while still darting through the occasional tiny cobblestoned rue. It's the best of both worlds.

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