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Paris A-Z: E is for Eiffel Tower

Paris A to Z: E is for Eiffel Tower

The Sassy Guide to the City of Light

As an American living in Paris for nearly 9 years, I have plenty of words of wisdom to share about this glorious, yet sometimes frustrating, city. Each weekday this month I will share my thoughts on some of the best stuff to do in Paris. Today's letter, E, is for Eiffel Tower.

You can't talk about Paris without mentioning the Eiffel Tower. Some people love it and dream of visiting it. Some people hate it and think it's an eyesore or a tourist trap.

But let's get real. It's cool. It's photogenic and you'll probably frame whatever photo you snapped of yourself in front of it and cherish it forever. People can pretend all they want that there are more important things to see in Paris, like stuff off the beaten path, but you really can't avoid Le Tour Eiffel unless you try really hard. So I recommend embracing it and visiting it in all its glory.

That said, I'm not the biggest fan of actually going up in it. It's not a fear of heights - I've been skydiving and hang-gliding thankyouverymuch - it's a matter of lines, crowds, and cost. If you insist on going up in the monument, I recommend getting a speed pass. Life (and, likely, your time in Paris) is too short to spend waiting in line.

My favorite way to enjoy the beauty of the structure is to have a picnic on the Champs de Mars (the grassy lawn) in front of it. Because it's kind of hard to see the Eiffel Tower if you're in the Eiffel Tower, am I right? A leisurely picnic of wine, cheese, and baguettes while admiring all 1000+ feet of the 19th century structure is undeniably enjoyable. And the Champs de Mars is one of the few places in Paris you're actually allowed to - gasp - walk on the grass and have a picnic. (Check out my book, Confessions of a Paris Party Girl, for an in-depth look at Paris's Lawn Police).

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