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Paris A-Z: G is for La Grande Epicerie

Paris A to Z: G is for La Grande Epicerie
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The Sassy Guide to the City of Light

As an American living in Paris for nearly 9 years, I have plenty of words of wisdom to share about this glorious, yet sometimes frustrating, city. Each weekday this month I will share my thoughts on some of the best stuff to do in Paris. Today's letter, G, is for La Grande Epicerie.

You come all the way to Paris and I tell you to go to a grocery store? Yes. La Grande Epicerie is no ordinary grocery store. This is the land of dreams, where said dreams will only cost you a month's salary.

As you wander through the produce section, a light mist, delivered by fairies with tiny watering cans, ensures your lettuce stays crisp and your strawberries remain expensive.

Head over to the deli and leave a forehead print on the glass as you drool over the tasty options.

Peruse the bottled water section, where some 1-liter bottles of the clear liquid, obviously secured by virginal goddesses straight from the source, cost more than your college education.

For kicks, head to the American section to see their idea of what we eat. A prevalent brand, Mississippi Belle, manufactures expensive, disgusting mac and cheese that is nothing like the real thing. They also do butter-flavored popcorn (which they really should just call popcorn because I have more butter in my couch cushions, but that's a whole other problem) and stale marshmallows. Have you ever even seen this brand stateside?

Don't leave without stopping by the bakery, where cupcakes cost €10 but they're so pretty you can't resist.

I sound like I'm being facetious. I'm not. I love wandering through the store and pretending I'm rich. The only reason I'm making fun of it is because I can't afford to buy €50 truffle oil to drizzle on my "American" butter-flavored popcorn.

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