Monday, July 21, 2014

French Optimism: Are They Really As Negative As Their Reputation?

A common stereotype about the French (aside from rude waiters) is that they're pessimistic. This article from FT Magazine provides some interesting insights into why, one having to do with French schools. As a former teacher's pet, I would have had a tough time in France's strict school system where no one ever gets a perfect score and students rarely receive praise. Yowza.

French Optimism: White baby clothes prove they're not 100% pessimistic

On a lighter note, you have to admit the French are optimistic in one area: children's clothing. Seriously, have you ever seen so much white? Every one of these items is a gift from a Frenchie. Don't they know how much babies spit up, poop, and drool? With my son, I'm constantly changing his clothes and doing laundry.

French Optimism: Stella hasn't ruined her white clothes yet!

Interestingly, though, my dainty French daughter has respected the white clothes and hasn't ruined anything yet. Maybe the French were right?

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