Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lights, Camera, Action-Adventure!

You might have noticed a theme this month on my blog: Paris in July. It's been a great way to share my babblings with other francophiles and to read all the cool stuff they're writing. And hopefully all of our readers are enjoying the posts too!

But now for something not related to Paris: my mom's action-adventure mystery, Chronicle of the Mound Builders, is on sale for only $0.99. What a steal! I highly recommend this book, and not just because she's my mom. It's an exciting, interesting read where you might learn something and you'll definitely have fun.

About Chronicle of the Mound Builders

Mysteries from the Past

Archaeologist Dr. Angela Hunter discovers an ancient codex at a Mississippian Indian dig site. Since the Mississippians, or Mound Builders, had no written language, she is eager to solve the mystery of the 700-year-old, perfectly preserved artifact.

Clash of Cultures

In the early 1300’s, an Aztec family is torn apart. A judge rebelling against the tradition of human sacrifice is cursed and escapes his enemies with his son. They journey thousands of miles and establish a new life in the thriving community of Migaduha, modern-day Cahokia Mounds.

Evil Unleashed

Angela races to translate the Aztec pictograms but other forces want the codex and will do anything to get it. Can she uncover the secrets of the chronicle before the tragic events of the past are repeated today?

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About the Author

Elle Marie's books are diverse but all have one thing in common--they reflect her passions. From maintaining a healthy lifestyle (Living The Thin Life) to unearthing mysteries (Chronicle of the Mound Builders) to visiting her daughter in Paris (upcoming anthology That's Paris), she writes what she knows and loves.

She's never far from her computer; by day she works in the IT field, by night she writes her latest inspiration. When she does step away from the screen, she enjoys spending time with her husband in their hometown of St. Louis.

Disclosure: As I said above, the author is my mom. Which means I'm lucky to be related to someone who creates cool stuff like this. I also edited the book but receive no profits from the sales, other than hugs and eternal adoration from my mom. But I'd probably get that anyway.

Vicki Lesage, Author