Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Les Arches d'Or

Do you believe in love at first sight? What about love at first blog comment?

Sauce Deluxe: Only available at French McDonald's
The first time I visited Sarah's blog, est. 1975, I was met with a rant about McDonald's that could have been penned (well, typed) by my own hand. Except funnier. I had a lot to say in response but was apprehensive. Would my comment be as funny as she was? Would she like me? Would our love last forever, or only a summer?

Fortunately, Sarah thought I was hilarious. *whew* She even invited me to guest post on her blog. I would have been happy to just hold hands but I gladly took her up on her offer. Here's an excerpt:

McDonald's in France took it one step further, creating Sauce Deluxe. It's fancy. Don't believe me? "Deluxe" is right there in the name! I'm not sure exactly what the sauce is, but it's rich and creamy and has herbs in it. It's mayonnaise's rich, sexier cousin. I don't need to know more. I just want to dip my fries in it, smear it on my face, and swim in a pool of it if I can get my hands on enough of it.

Read on for the full story in all its rant-y glory, and for exclusive images by none other than Sarah herself. Spoiler alert: they're even better than what I wrote.

Then keep reading once you're there. Her blog is pure gold. Skip Facebook (your friends' dinners, pets, and babies will still be there when you return) and spend your free time on est. 1975. You can thank me when you pee your pants.

And stay tuned for her guest post next week!

About Sarah (Est. 1975)

est. 1975
A corporate refugee with absolutely no formal training in English, journalism, or writing of any kind, Sarah (est. 1975) somehow manages to find occasional work as a freelance copy writer and copy editor. In addition to her regular contributions to BLUNTmoms, Sarah also writes comedy blog est. 1975, which won Funniest Blog in The Indie Chicks 2014 Badass Blog Awards.

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