Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Venturing Past the Quartier

Vicki Lesage: I'm published by Mamalode
Mamalode, an awesome site for moms, is featuring another article of mine, this time for their July theme: "Adventuring"

Have you heard? I live in Paris. I like to talk about it. A lot. It's kind of my thing. Because if I didn't talk about it, I'd probably talk about math or zombies, which aren't everyone's cup of tea. Paris has a bit more universal appeal. (Though if you want to talk math, check out my nerdy awesome college project about Poncelet Polygons. Wasn't the 2001 internet a beautiful place?)

Anyway, living in Paris when you're from the good ol' Midwest naturally lends itself to adventure. So this article practically wrote itself. (It didn't. If writing were that easy, I'd be a millionaire by now).

Check it out and then show your support! You can leave a comment on the Mamalode article, share it, give it a bear hug - however you choose to spread the love. MWAH!

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Escape to Paris

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