Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Paris in July: Kickin' It Off

July is here! Which means summer really and truly has arrived. At least in Paris!

While the season officially starts on June 21, you can never be sure the weather is going to be its hot, humid, summery self until July. And usually Parisians don't pack that first suitcase and say au revoir to the city until July starts.

What does July mean for me, an American living in Paris?

Ice Cream, Picnics, and Rosé Wine

With the temperatures up, the only way to stay cool is to eat and drink stuff that's cold! Most places (my tiny apartment included) don't have air conditioning, so you keep movement to a minimum and enjoy every breeze that passes through. Ice cream shops always have a line, but it's worth the wait (more on that next week!). Sidewalk cafés are packed and nearly every patron is sipping a glass of chilled rosé wine. And it's a great time for picnics - the grass is usually dry since there's not as much rain.

Paris in July: Wine and Picnics

Fresh Air

The Parisians who have not yet departed on vacation might as well have! Everyone is in a light-hearted mood and you can feel the energy in the air. People go out to bars and restaurants more often (particularly the air conditioned ones). Everyone is excited about the long days and upcoming vacations. By the end of the month, the city starts to feel empty as Parisians have left for their vacation homes in other parts of France or for voyages abroad. What remains is a city full of expats and tourists, which has its own charm.

My Anniversary

I first came to Paris on July 4, 2005, so July in Paris has special significance to me. I had no idea that when I arrived that first summer I would end up making Paris my home. Now here I am 9 years later, married to a Frenchman with two French-American kids.

Another View

Fellow American writer in Paris, Adria J. Cimino, is co-hosting the "Paris in July" event this year and has invited me along. She and I are writing about similar themes throughout the month, sharing our different perspectives. She kicks off the series with this post:

Author Adria J. Cimino
When I think of July in Paris, one clear memory from a few years ago comes to mind... A streak of warm temperatures and sunshine that carried us from the start of the month almost to the end. On that last evening of heat, we entered the gardens of the National Archives, climbed to our spot on the temporary bleachers and...

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Paris in July: Musings on the City of Light

This post is part of "Paris in July," an annual Paris-themed blogging event created by Karen at A Wondering Life and Tamara at Thyme for Tea. Join in the fun and check out their sites for awesome posts about the City of Light, contributed from bloggers around the world!

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Escape to Paris

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